About Us

RaddiExpert.com is an initiative of Mr. Vipin Sharma.  Mr. Vipin Sharma realized his duty towards environment and society and as a part of its corporate social responsibility wished to bring every waste paper to reuse with the help of recycling process.  In India , recycling is still not so popular and people are unaware that their little effort can bring a big difference. Out of all the paper waste only 30 % is recovered in our country and is recycled as against 70% in Germany and the world’s average is 50%.

RaddiExpert.com is now driving a campaign, starting from Agra in UP where the company intends to make public aware the difference between wet and dry waste and how by simple segregation they can contribute in recycling, reducing landfills, creating job opportunities and community building. This campaign is to make sure that all the paper waste recovered from each doorstep is sent for recycling.

Once RaddiExpert.com achieves success by bring more and more common people getting associated with this initiative and by developing bigger infrastructure and manpower to cope up with the needs of the social drive, we wish to collect and recycle more categories of dry recyclables with an intention of giving more to the society by solving the city waste management problems and making it a better place to live.