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“Raddi Expert” is a campaign for you- our common people. The idea behind this campaign is to give you clean and green air to breath, a beautiful city to live in, with your little effort..your little contribution. We wish to bring India on the top on global recycling report card. And we know we will succeed in doing

Management of waste is a big problem for India and the world. In India, we generate approx 1,50,000 Mts of solid waste each day but segregation of waste at source point in dry and wet waste and them proper pick up and disposal is not properly managed which is leading to very serious problems of life threatening diseases , water contamination ,ground dumping and landfills. Government does try to manage it but most of its money assigned goes into transportation and also no proper treatment facilities and makes the problem worse.

Solution to the problem is only possible with the help of individuals at home. Here, awareness plays the key role. Segregation of garbage as dry and wet waste is the starting point. Disposal of Organic waste can help a little more.

Government is taking initiatives and has introduced certain funded programs to fight this problem . But we as responsible citizens should realize our responsibility and contribute by a little effort.


“Raddi Expert” is becoming the voice of India. A list of the companies and corporate, those are proud to be a part of this campaign.